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I want to share a new site I learned about through a New York Times article. The site is called Figment, and it was officially announced yesterday. Figment is a community for teens who enjoy writing and reading. It provides a social environment to encourage sharing whatever they are creating. There is poetry, non-fiction, fiction and serial works from just about any genre you can imagine. The site is well designed and easy to navigate. Figment does not gain the rights to your works when you post them and you can remove your postings if you so desire.

I have always loved reading and started writing my own stories when I was young. I wish I could have had a community like this to share my writing with others. I think sites like these could really help teens find friends and supporters. It can be difficult for creative teens in school; I remember how other kids would often tease me for my writing and art, and I know finding a community of like-minded souls to share my troubles with would have made a huge difference in how isolated I felt as a kid. The Internet can be a wonderful tool for bringing people together, and I love seeing how different groups of people create these shared spaces on the Net.

I hope you enjoy checking Figment out, and feel free to share any other great writing or teen communities you may enjoy in the comments below.



New Book: Company Girl by Rachel Anne Ridge

Company Girl by Rachel Anne Ridge

Company Girl by Rachel Anne Ridge

Rachel Anne Ridge at has announced her new book “Company Girl” just in time for Christmas!  I’ve been reading Rachel’s blog for quite a while and she shares wonderfully creative articles about her home, business and life every week. Her “company girl” idea, as I understand it, expresses how everything in life is more fun when we have someone joining in alongside us, just “for company”. Her blog lets people from all over join her in that exact spirit, sharing friendship and sisterhood across the Net. What she does with her art is amazing, and I’m sure this book will be beautiful!

Click here to see: “Company Girl” @


Company Girl Coffee @ HomeSanctuary.comClick here to join Rachel Anne Ridge and the rest of her “Company Girls” for Coffee!

A Place to Perch

Greetings and welcome,

I haven’t quite decided what this blog will be for, but I think I’m ready to give it a try.  As a brief introduction, I’m a mother of three wonderful kids ranging from 16 to 6 in age.  I haven’t had a  job outside my home for the past fourteen years, barring a brief stint working with my husband in a small business venture in the IT field.  I’m a roleplayer and a gamer, a writer and a dreamer.  I devour words and crave knowledge about, well… everything.  I started working with computers in grade school and my first home computer was an Apple IIe.  I appreciate your interest in my blog, and I hope you’ll find some interesting things here.